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D.SCARLATTI <  Sonata K9  Allegro

D.SCARLATTI  < Sonata K9 Allegro  (La/A = 432 Hz)

FRESCOBALDI < Praeludium

VERDI < « Addio del passato » (La Traviata)

J.S.BACH < Trio

J.Ch.BACH < Polonaise

J.S.BACH < Prelude n°1

J.S.BACH < Bourrée  Mi m (BWV 996)

L-C DAQUIN < Le coucou

BEETHOVEN < « Sonata al chiaro di Luna » n°14  (1° mvt: Adagio sostenuto)

CHOPIN < Valse Op.39

CHOPIN < Prelude Do m Op.28 n°20 (+ variation B.Manilow)


HAYDN < Sonata DoM (Allegro) [Hob.XVI:35]

MOZART < Fantasia Do m

J.S.BACH < Capriccio (Partita n°2)

J.S.BACH < Concerto italiano (1° movimento)

J.S.BACH < Concerto italiano (2° movimento)  (suonato allegro)

J.S.BACH < Concerto italiano (3° movimento)

J.S.BACH < Badinerie

E.GRIEG < Nell’antro del Re della montagna

A.VIVALDI < La primavera

A.VIVALDI < L’estate

D.SCARLATTI < Sonata n°1 Allegro

HAENDEL < Minuetto (Water music)

SCHUMANN < Scherzo


I began music in my cradle with my great gran-mother Elsa Marenzi, who sang me several italian musics of opera and popular classic songs, as she was part of  a great music family in Bologna, i Marenzi (come from Bergamo > organ factors, conductor & pianist concertist) who received at home Mascagni for example; she was also married with Ettore Capelli bolognese impresario of opera’s singers and after, for the anecdote, become an italian food industrial was the first to import the tortellini in France; it seems that I was sensible to these artistic games because I would have repeated some themes since 6 months old; then came classical piano at 5 years old, with a professor Miss Osinski, followed by  three other particular professors which the last of them, Mrs Naveau, was 1st prize of Paris Conservatory and virtuosa concertista, that until reached 16 years old; I also studied in this period, solfege at Angers’s conservatory.

After these music initiations, I decided to go to pop & rock musics & piano composition, begining with some standards and improvisations. Then and yet now, came electronic musics,  jazz, jazzrock, fusion, rocks,  with Rhodes, synthetizers and also guitars, bass, singing, production, through the participations in many bands and experiences .

But during these years, I’d never stopped to practise classical music, being piano particular professor, working in the staff of the opera’s « Festival de Saint-Céré », ever as background music pianist including in my jazz-pop sets some classical scores, studying musicology with Sorbonne university, being college music professor, several times playing with masters on churches organs.

 I like to play Scarlatti, Mozart sonatas & Fantasies, J.S Bach, Verdi’s arias, Chopin…ecc… for training  before compose or improvise.

In this new blog I’ll bring all of my classical repertoire, quite 50 scores at the moment.



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